20mm Flat Water clear Lens with Bracket 5-120 Degree

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Currently we have two suitable types of holder for 20mm Lens in stock. First one is flat bottom(First and second one in the following picture). It suitable for LEDs solder in multi LED PCBs which do not need extra wires. Apply a little silicon glue on the bottom, you can fix the Lens firmly on the PCB boards.  And If your LEDs are with single star PCBs, you should buy the one with two legs in bottom which need extra spaces for wires connection. In most cases, you do not really fix the lens with screws since the holder can clip into the star LED tightly. And the two legs are mainly designed to rest firmly on the sides of the PCB star. Of course you still can apply some silicon glue on the leg bottom to get the lens fixed or use little screws to fix on your fixture very firmly.

The Lens is packed in 200pcs box showing bellow: