1W High Power LED (Far) Red 620-625nm 660nm for Plant Grow Light


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                                                                            Shapes :Round 
                                                                            Emitting color: Red Far Red
                                                                            Lens colors :Water clear, color diffused 
                                                                            Life Span :100,000 Hours 
                                                                            With CCC&RoHS & CE Approved 
                                                                            Beam angle :120 degrees
                                                                            Luminous Flux: 100-120LM
                                                                            Color-rendering index: 60-80
                                                                            High-power LED 1W maximum junction temperature of 200 high brightness, low thermal
                                                                            resistance, in accordance with RoHS high temperature (70, 70%), it can be a continuous
                                                                            trouble-free work 5000Hrs. High-power LED 1000Hrs. photodegradation less than 3%, the
                                                                            normal life can up to 100,000 hours.